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Story of village Palampur (Class 9th)

Multiple Choice Questions

1) A farmer who works on a piece of 1 hectare of land is treated a :

a) Medium farmer

b) Small farmer

c) Poor Farmers

d) Large farmer

2) Which of the following is a Rabi crop?

a) Wheat

b) Cotton

c) Jowar

d) Rice

3) Operation Flood is related to

a) Grain production

b) Produce fish

c) Control flood

d) Milk production

4) Scope of farming activity is limited in Palampur due to

a) Lack of labour

b) Lack of irrigation

c) The fixed amount of land

d) Lack of money

State True or False

1. Sugarcane, in its raw form or as jaggery, is sold to traders in Shahpur.

2. After farming, dairy is the most common activity in Palampur.

3. At present only about 35 percent of the working population in Palampur has acquired non-agricultural occupations.

Fill in the blanks

1. _______ is an amount of something left over when requirements have been met. It is an excess of production or supply.

2. HYV stands for ________.

3. ________ is the process of making products or goods from raw material by the use of manual labour or machinery.

4. The main economic activity in the village of Palampur is _______.

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