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Question bank Political Science (9th)

1. How would you explain the different forms of political competition? [3]

2. What choices are given to a voter during elections? [3]

3. What are reserve constituencies? Why constituencies are reserved? [3]

4. Why are party agents present in the polling booth and the country centre? [3]

5. Highlight the benefits of political parties in democracy. [3]

6. Why does the Election Commission have so much power? Is this good for democracy? [3]

7. What are direct Elections? [3]

8. Explain the electoral system of India? [3]

9. In what manner does the Election Commission monitor the election campaign? [3]

10. What is the outcome of free and fair elections held in India? [3]

11. What are elections? What is their importance? [3]

12. Mention any three allegations about unfair practices in elections, reported in newspapers and television? [3]

13. What forms does political competition take during elections? [3]

14. Can you explain why is there no educational qualification required for contesting elections in India? [3]

15. How are results declared after an election in our country? [3]

16. Who are the major functionaries in India? [3]

17. What are the Legislative powers of President? [3]

18. What do you know about Speaker? [3]

19. Indian judiciary considered one of the most powerful in the world. Give any three reasons. [3]

20. Can you explain why parliamentary democracy in most countries is often known as the cabinet form of government? [3]

21. Write down the structure of Lok Sabha? [3]

22. a. Name the institution where disputes between citizens and the government are finally settled.

b. India has an integrated Judiciary. What does this statement mean? [3]

23. You are elected a civil servant who is a permanent executive. What values would you idolise to serve as a public servant? [3]

24. How does President give his assent to a bill? [3

25. What are the limitations of a coalition Government? [3]

26. How are the Council of Ministers categorised? [3]

27. A teacher has to organise a mock parliament. She can either hold a mock parliament of Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha. Which one should the teacher choose and why? [3]

28. How can you say that the Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha? [3]

29. What is government order? [3]

30. Who are Cabinet Ministers? [3]

31. How does our election law regulate campaigns? [5]

32. Write about Voters List. [5]

33. Mention any 3 powers and functions of the election commission of India.

34.. Explain the role of the Election Commission in free and fair elections. [5]

35. How does a party file a nomination for its candidate? [5]

37. Give two facts to support your position for each of these.

a. Election Commission of India does not have enough powers to conduct free and fair elections in the country.

b. There is a high level of popular participation in the elections in our country.

c. It is very easy for the party in power to win an election.

d Many reforms are needed to make our elections completely free and fair. [5]

38. What makes elections in India democratic? Explain. [5]

39. What powers are exercised by the Election Commission of India? [5]

40. How political competition helps to force political parties and leaders to serve the people? [5]

41. Why is there a need for political institutions? [5]

42. Differentiate between the two types of executive political executive and permanent Executive. [5]

43. How are the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts appointed and how can a judge be removed? [5]

45. Explain any five major power and functions of Parliament. [5]

46. Give any five functions of the Government. [5]

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