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Question Bank Economics (9th)

1. What does a 'virtuous cycle' created by educated parents mean? Explain. [3]

2. How did countries like Japan become rich? [3]

3. What efforts have been taken by the government in the field of education? [3]

4. Explain how investment in human resource helped the country in becoming a developed country. [3]

5. What efforts have been taken by the government in health? [3]

6. Discuss on Structural Employment. [3]

7. Explain Disguised Employment. [3]

8. Write in brief about Tertiary economic activity. [3]

9. Explain the virtuous cycle of human development. [3]

10. Why are women employed in low-paid work? [3]

11. Write a short note on Educated Employment. [3]

12. Explain the vicious cycle of human development. [3]

13. Is it true that educated parents invest more heavily on their children's education and why? [3]

14. Can you imagine some village which initially had no job opportunities but later came up with many? [3]

15 What is the difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment? [3]

16. Explain any five ill effects of unemployment in India. [5]

17. Explain the unemployment problem of urban areas. [5]

18. Mention the peculiarities of literacy in India. [5]

19. "Human resource is an indispensable factor of production". Elucidate. [5]

20. Can you suggest some measures in the education system to mitigate the problem of the educated unemployed? [5]

21. Describe the unfavourable effects of population growth in a country like India. [5]

22. Increase in unemployment is an indicator of a depressed economy. Do you agree with this statement? Support your answer by giving arguments. [5]

23. What is the impact of unemployment? [5]

24. Explain the term unemployment. Which type of unemployment is more prevalent in rural and urban areas? How can unemployment in a rural area be minimised? [5]

25. "There is a strong link between economic growth and poverty reduction." Explain. [3]

26. What is the accepted average calorie requirement in India. (i) In rural areas (ii) In urban areas (iii) Why calorie requirement is higher in the rural areas? [3]

27. Explain three impacts of poverty in India? [3]

28. What do you know about AAY [3]

29. What is NFWP? [3]

30. Suggest any four ways to reduce poverty in India. [3]

31 What are the conditions of MGNREGA? [3]

32. How do income inequalities exist within a family? [3]

33. Who are the poorest of the poor? [3]

34. Describe how the poverty line is estimated in India? [3]

35. How is the food requirement estimated in poverty line? [3]

36. Name a poverty alleviation programme for rural areas with its objectives. [3]

37. Mention any two causes of poverty in India. [3]

38 What is the concept of poverty line? How does it vary with time and place? [5]

39. There is a strong link between economic growth and poverty reduction. Explain statement. [5]

40. What are the major features of poverty? Explain. [5]

41. Identify the various groups vulnerable to poverty. [3]

42. Write a short note on NREGA 2005. [5]

43. Describe the poverty trend in India. [5]

44. Why does the poverty line vary with time and place? [5]

45. Answer the following questions briefly (i) What do you understand by human poverty? (ii) Who are the poorest of the poor? (iii) What are the main features of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005? [5]

46. Why do different countries use different poverty lines? [5]

47. Describe current government strategy of poverty alleviation. [5]

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