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1. Why is it essential to have resource planning? Explain any three reasons [3]

2. What is sustainable economic development? Suggest any two ways in which resources can be used judiciously. [3]

3. How is land a natural resource of utmost importance? Explain with suitable arguments. [3]

4. Describe any three institutional reforms taken by the Indian Government in the field of agriculture. [3]

5. Why does the government announce minimum support price, remunerative and procurement prices for important crops? [3]

6. Write down the features of Intensive Subsistence agriculture. [3]

7. . Why has Indian agriculture started a declining trend in food production? Explain. [3]

8. What is a basic industry? Explain with an example . [3]

9. Roadways have an edge over Railways. Support the statement with examples. [3]

10. What are the means of mass communication? Explain features of any two media. [3]

11. Give the importance of soil. Explain any three factors responsible for soil formation. [5]

12. Suggest any five measures to enhance agricultural production in India. [5]

13. Explain any five technological and institutional reforms in Indian agriculture. [5]

14. Highlight the importance of Pipeline transportation and Network. [5]

15. Suggest any five steps to minimize the environmental degradation caused by the industrial development in India. [5]

16. What is manufacturing? How does manufacturing lead to value addition of the raw material? Explain with the help of examples. [5]

17. Name the crop which is used both as food and fodder? What are the geographical conditions required for its growth. Name the major areas of its production. [5]

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