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1 Define the term unorganised sector. Explain any 4 the reasons why people like to work in the organised sector. [5]

2 "When a country develops, the contribution of primary sector declines and that of secondary and tertiary sector increases." Analyse the statement. [5]

3. What is the idea behind forming the Self Help Groups or the SHGs? Explain the functioning of the Self-Help Groups or the SHGs. [5]

4. What stimulated the process of globalisation in India? [5]

5. What is globalisation? Explain two positive and two negative impact of globalisation. [5]

6. What are the efforts and achievements made by the government of India after independence in the field of health? [5]

7. Give examples to prove that there are other important developmental goals than income. [5]

8. Define Sustainable Development. Write any four features of Sustainable Development.


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