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Question Bank Geography (9th)

1. List six countries of the world bigger than India. [3]

2. Which is most important Longitude of the country? Give reason. [3]

3. Why is India called a Subcontinent? [3]

4. What is the significance of India's central location? [3]

5. How has India developed relationships with the world through the land route? [3]

6.Assume that you have recently travelled in the Indian desert. Describe the desert to a person not living in India. [3]

7. What are the features of Bhabar and Terai regions? [3]

8. Name the major physiographic divisions of India. [3]

9.. Briefly describe the Indian Deserts. [3]

10. Give some important characteristics of Northern Plains. [3]

11. Describe Purvanchal. [3]

12. How do different physiographic regions of India complement each other?[3]

13. Compare the hot weather season of India with that of cold weather season. [3]

14. Where is Mawsynram located? Why does Mawsynram gets the heaviest rainfall in the world? [3]

15 Why North-West India receives rainfall in Winter? Give any three reasons. [3]

16. "India has diverse climatic conditions." Support this statement by giving examples, each of temperature and precipitation. [3]

17. Why does the rainfall decrease from the east to the west in Northern India. [3] 18. Why the houses in Rajasthan have thick walls and flat roofs? [3] 19. Write a note on mountain vegetation. [3] 20. Distinguish between Tropical Evergreen and Deciduous forests. [3] 21. How has the land influence the vegetation cover of India? [3] 22. How has the temperature influence the vegetation cover of India? [3] 23. Discuss in brief about biodiversity in India. [3] 24. Write three steps taken by the government for the protection and conservation of great biological diversity of India. [3]

25. The central location of India at the head of Indian ocean is considered of great significance. Why? [5] 26. Highlight the significance of geographical location of India? [5]

27. When sun rises in Arunachal Pradesh it is still night in Gujarat. Give reasons. [5]

28.. 'The Indian landmass shows a great physical contrast.' Explain this statement. [5]

29. Write down the features of Northern plains. [5] 30. Write about the relief of the Peninsular Plateau. [5]

31. Write short notes on The Island groups of India. [5] 32. Write any five features of Western Ghats. [5] 33. What are the features of hot weather season in India? [5]

34. What are Western disturbances? How do they affect the climate of India? [5]

35. Give reasons why parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and the leeward side of the Western Ghats are drought prone. [5] 36. In a mountainous area, there is a change in natural vegetation due to a decrease in temperature. Justify by giving examples from different zones. [5] 37. Why forests are important for human beings? Explain. [5]

38. "The main reason for the dwindling wildlife resources in India is hunting by greedy hunters." Support the statement and suggest some steps to overcome this threat. [5]

39. State the functions served by biosphere reserves. [5]

40 Give the altitudinal distribution of Montane Forests. [5] 41. The distribution of flora and fauna is primarily determined by the climate. Justify this statement by giving relevant facts.

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