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Nazism and Rise of Hitler (class 9th)

Multiple choice questions

1. Who was assigned the responsibility of economic recovery by Hitler?

a) Hindenburg

b) Adolf

c) Joseph Goebbels

d) Hjalmar Schacht

2. World War Second began with the German invasion of

a) Chezkoslovakia

b) Poland

c) Austria

d) France

3. The Great Depression was a period of

a) Economic Crisis

b) Political Crisis

c) Global Crisis

d) Social Crisis

4. Which of the following was not a feature of the new Nazi-style of politics?

a) Slogan Chanting

b) Not so powerful speeches by Hitler

c) Swastika Banners

d) Rallies

5. Why was international tribunal set up?

a) To prosecute Jews

b) To Prosecute Storm troopers

c) To prosecute Nazi War criminals

d) To prosecute Disabled people

6. Who were November Criminals?

a) Members of Weimar Republic

b) Members of Nazi Party

c) Supporters of Weimar Republic

d) Revolutionaries of Russia

7. Hitler's Concept of living space was also known by another name.

a) Conscription

b) Sovereignty

c) Lebensraum

d) Chauvinism

8. Name the country which helped Germany during the crisis of Hyper Inflation

a) Austria- Hungary

b) Japan

c) USA

d) Italy

9. What was the main aim of Spartacist League?

a) To establish democratic regime in Germany

b) To establish Nazi order in Germany

c) To establish Soviet style of government in Germany

d) To establish dictatorship in Germany

10. The theory of racial hierarchy introduced by Hitler was inspired by

a) Karl Marx

b) Herbert Spencer

c) Montesquieu

d) John Lock

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