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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Impact of Indiscriminate use of Resources:

  1. Resources are getting depleted to satisfy the greed of few individuals.

  2. Resources are accumulated in few hands, which has made few people rich and some poor in the society.

  3. Indiscriminate use of resources has led to ecological crisis like global warming, ozone layer depletion, environmental pollution and land degradation.

  4. This has created conflict between various regions.

  5. Gandhiji said that "there is enough to meet our needs but not enough to meet our greed."

  6. Gandhiji emphasized on production by masses instead of mass production. This will create more employment opportunities and help in equal distribution of resources.

Sustainable Development: Development should be done without compromising with the needs of the future generations. It means environment should not get damaged because of development.

International Efforts for Sustainable Development:

Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit

  1. More than 100 countries participated

  2. Brazil 1992

  3. Aim: protection of environment and socio-economic development.

Agenda 21

  1. To fight against environmental damages , poverty, diseases.

  2. Global cooperation and shared responsibilities

  3. Every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21

Resource Planning: Judicious use of resources as resources are limited , unevenly distributed and required by future generations too.

Why resource planning necessary for India?

India is blessed with diverse resources but they are not distributed evenly . Therefore balanced resource planning required at national, state , regional and local level. For example: Rajasthan is rich in solar and wind energy , but lacks in water resources.

Process of Resource Planning in India:

  1. Identification and inventory of resources across the regions of the country . (surveying, mapping and qualitative and quantitative estimation and measurement of the resources)

  2. Evolving a Planning Structure (for implementation of resource development plan)

  3. Matching the resource with development plan (overall national development)

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