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Question Bank (Objective)

1. During 1830s who tried to make Italy a Republic?

2. Who was the ruler of Sardinia-Piedmont during 19th century?

3. Who was Cavour?

4. When were Austrian forces defeated by Sardinia- Piedmont?

5. Who was proclaimed king of unified Italy in 1861?

6. Which state was ruled by Italian prince?

7. Why ruling elites of Italy wanted Italian unification?

8. To which country did Otto von Bismark belonged?

9. Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi?

10. In which year Victor Emmanuel II became king of unified Italy?

11. Cavour made an alliance with which country to unify Italy?

12. Which ethnic groups inhabited British Isles ?

13. In which year English parliament seized power from monarchy?

14. Which Act formed ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain’?

15. In which year The Act of Union was took place?

16. Who dominated British Parliament?

17. Act of Union took place between which countries?

18.. In which year united kingdom of great Britain formed?

19. Who in habited Scottish highlands?

20. What was the language of Scottish highlanders?

21. Define ethnic.

22. Define allegory.

23. What are the attributes of Liberty?

24. What are the attributes of Justice?

25. What was the female allegory of France?

26. What are the characteristics of Marianne?

27. Which allegory represented Germany?

28.. What was the allegory of the Germany?

29. What does German Oak stands for?

30. What does broken chains signify?

31. What does Breastplate with Eagle?

32. What is the meaning of crown of oak leaves?

33. What does sword signify?

34. What does sword with olive branch means?

35. What does rays of the rising sun signify?

36. Which area became the source of nationalist tension Europe after 1871?

37. Who are Slavs?

38. Name any 5 modern day countries , which were part of Balkans.

39. Which empire controlled Balkan area?

40. Give two reasons why Balkan area became explosive after 1871.

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