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Question Bank (objective)

1. Which dynasty was deposed during French Revolution?

2. Why were a series of states set up on the boundaries of France under Treaty of Vienna?

3. How many states were there in the German confederation?

4. Who set up German Confederation?

5. What was the nature of conservative regimes set up in 1815?

6. ____ sprang up after 1815 in many European states to train revolutionaries and spread ideas.

7. When was Giuseppe Mazzini born?

8. Giuseppe Mazzini belonged to which country?

9. Giuseppe Mazzini became a member of the secret society of the ______.

10. When was Giuseppe Mazzini sent to exile?

11. At what age Giuseppe Mazzini was sent to exile?

12. Giuseppe Mazzini was sent to exile for attempting a revolution in ________.

13. Name the secret societies founded by Giuseppe Mazzini.

14. What was the believe of Giuseppe Mazzini?

15. When was conservative regime overthrown by liberal revolutionaries in France?

16. Who was Louis Philippe?

17. What was July revolution?

18. Inspired by July revolution Belgium broke away from the ___________.

19. Since when Greece was part of Ottoman empire?

20. When did struggle for independence began in Greece?

21. Which country is known as the cradle of European civilization?

22. Who was the English poet in favor of Greek war of Independence?

23. In which year Lord Byron died?

24. Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation?

25. ______is a cultural movement which sought to develop a particular form of

nationalist sentiment.

26. Who criticised the glorification of reason and science?

27. Who was Johann Gottfried Herder?

28. When was Johann Gottfried Herder born and when he died?

29. ­­­­Poland was partitioned by which countries?

30. Who was Karol Kurpinski?

31. In which year and armed rebellion by Polish people took place in Russia?

32. Who began to use language as a weapon of national resistance?

33. Where were priests and bishops sent as a punishment by Russian authorities?

34. In which year Louis Philippe was forced to flee?

35. ___ were set up to provide employment in France.

36. In which village weavers revolt against contractors in France?

37. Who drafted constitution for the German nation?

38. Where was Frankfurt parliament convened?

39. When was Frankfurt parliament convened?

40. Who was Friedrich Wilhelm IV?

41. Define ‘Feminist.

42. Who was Louise Otto-Peters?

43. Women were admitted as ____________in the Frankfurt Parliament convened in the Church of St. Paul.

44. The Habusburg rulers granted more autonomy to the _________ in ____.

45. Define Ideology.

46. Who are Junkers?

47. Who was the architect of German unification?

48. Name the countries with whom Prussia fought to complete the process unification of Germany.

49. In January _____, the Prussian king, ____________ was proclaimed German Emperor in a ceremony held at ___________.

50. Into how many states Italy was divided during the middle 19th century?

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