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  1. Define ethnic.

  2. What is the capital of Belgium?

  3. Which language was spoken by people living in Brussels?

  4. With which countries does Belgium share its border?

  5. How much is the population of Belgium in comparison to Haryana?

  6. What percentage of the Belgium’s total population lives in Flemish region?

  7. What is the percentage of population who speaks French in Belgium?

  8. Which community in Belgium was rich and powerful?

  9. Why Dutch community resented the French community?

  10. When was there tension between French and Dutch speaking communities in Belgium?

  11. Why was the tension between French and Dutch communities more acute in Brussels ?

  12. Sri Lanka is situated at the southern coast of which state?

  13. Which island nation is situated to the southern coast of Tamil Nadu?

  14. What is the population of Sri Lanka?

  15. What is the ethnic composition of Sri Lanka?

  16. Who are Sri Lankan Tamils?

  17. What is the percentage of Sri Lankan Tamils?

  18. Who are called ‘Indian Tamils’?

  19. Where does Sri Lankan Tamils concentrated in Sri Lanka?

  20. Which is the main religion of Sri Lanka?

  21. What is the percentage of Christians in Tamil Nadu?

  22. When did Sri Lanka got independent?

  23. Why Sinhala community wanted to dominate Sri Lanka?

  24. Define ‘majoritarian’.

  25. In which year majoritarianism was established in Sri Lanka?

  26. Which is the official language of Sri Lanka?

  27. Which community was given preference in jobs in Sri Lanka?

  28. Why Sri Lankan Tamils felt alienated?

  29. Why several political organisations were formed in Sri Lanka during 1980s?

  30. Define civil war.

  31. What was the result of civil war?

  32. When did civil war ended?

  33. How many times the constitution of Belgium was amended ?

  34. Between which years the constitution of Belgium was amended ?

  35. What was the ratio of Dutch and French speaking minister's in the central government according to Belgian model ?

  36. Was the state government subordinate to the central government according to Belgian model?

  37. Which was the third type of government in Belgium?

  38. Which issues were handled by though community government ?

  39. What was doe outcome or result of the Belgian model ?

  40. Which city was selected as headquarters of European Union ?

  41. What can undermine the unity of the country ?

  42. Why power sharing is good ?

  43. How power sharing can ensure stability of political order ?

  44. What can bring ruin to both mid surety and minority ?

  45. What is the very spirit of democracy ?

  46. Define prudential reasons ?

  47. Define moral reasons ?

  48. What is the difference between prudential reasons and moral reasons ?

  49. What do you mean by undivided political power?

  50. Why earlier power sharing was feared or not liked by people?

  51. What are the various organs of government?

  52. What is the power called which is shared between various organs of government?

  53. Which type of government's arrangement is called checks and balances?

  54. What power is shared is shared between different levels of government?

  55. Name the government at regional level in India?

  56. What is the federal division of power?

  57. Give the examples of power being shared among different social groups.

  58. What is the advantage of political competition among political parties?

  59. How different interest groups share power?

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