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Practice the following map items for exam:

(Use Outline Political Map of India)

Chapter -1: India-Size and Location

  • India-States with Capitals

  • Tropic of Cancer

  • Standard Meridian

Chapter -2: Physical Features of India

Mountain Ranges

  1. The Karakoram

  2. The Zasker

  3. The Shivalik

  4. The Aravali

  5. The Vindhya

  6. The Satpura

  7. Western & Eastern Ghats

Mountain Peaks –

  1. K2

  2. Kanchan Junga

  3. Anai Mudi

Plateau -

  1. Deccan Plateau,

  2. Chotta Nagpur Plateau,

  3. Malwa Plateau

Coastal Plains -

  1. Konkan,

  2. Malabar,

  3. Coromandal & Northern Circar

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