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        Chapter 2

        Nationalism in India

                       (Map Work)                                                

Q1. Locate and label the following on the map of India.

 (Refer History NCERT book for class X)

1. Indian National Congress Sessions:

     a. Calcutta (Sep. 1920)

     b. Nagpur (Dec. 1920)

     c. Madras (1927)


2. Important Centres of Indian National Movement:

   a. Champaran (Bihar)

     - Movement of Indigo Planters

   b. Kheda (Gujarat)

     - Peasant Satyagrah 

  c. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

    - Cotton Mill Workers Satyagraha

   d. Amritsar (Punjab)

     - Jallianwala Bagh Incident

   e. Chauri Chaura (U.P.)

     - Calling off the Non-Cooperation Movement

   f. Dandi (Gujarat)

      - Civil Disobedience Movement

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