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                               Chapter 5 Minerals and Energy Resources (Map Work)

                                    (Only Map items of this chapter to be studied)

Q1. Locate and label the following Thermal and Nuclear power plants  on the map of India.

(Refer to page no. 59 of Geography NCERT Textbook for class X)

Thermal Power Stations

  1. Namrup

  2. Singrauli

  3. Ramagundam

Nuclear Power Stations

  •  Narora

  •  Kakrapara

  •  Tarapur

  •  Kalpakkam

Q2. Locate and label the following on the map of India.

  1.  Iron ore mines: Mayurbhanj, Bellary, Kudremukh

  2. Coal mines: Raniganj, Jharia, Bokaro,Neyvali

  3. Oil Fields: Digboi, Mumbai High, Bassien, Ankaleshwar

  4. Bauxite Deposits: The Amarkantak plateau, Maikal hills

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